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The full movie of James Movie about the Anholt Project

James Stier
Mark Lomas
Sound Recordist
Josh Ward
Anders Lind, Toni Pozo, Arthur Longin, James Stier

This film was produced with the support of the EU E+ Youth in Action


The Anholt project was scientifically attended by the Carinthian University of applied Sciences from Austria. With the help of seven observing youth leaders  Prof. Dr. Hubert Höllmüller made a research on the non-formal learning processes in our informal frame.

An exctract about the number of involved persons in the observed learning processes:


 The full research report you can see here !

After a “little” silence on our blog, we are proud to present our Anholt book:

You can download it here: The Anholt Project Book

Editorial Information:

Published in March 2012 by Syddjurs Ungdomsskole
Rosenholmvej 1, 8543 Hornslet, Denmark
Tel: +45. 8753 5760
Co-ordination & Editing:
Anders Stenumgaard Lind (
Co-Editor: Ansgar Bueter-Menke
Booklet Author: Kathy Schroeder ”Schroeder Intercultural Consulting,“
Contributors: Ansgar Bueter-Menke, Prof. Dr. Hubert Höllmüller, Arthur Longin, BA, Toni Pozo, Anders Stenumgaard Lind, Ute Sauerwein-Weber.
Layout: Horst Schalk, Robert Strauß

Reproduction and use of this text for non-commercial purposes is permitted provided the source is mentioned
and is notified.
This booklet is based on the input and opinions of the organisers and participants of the Anholt project (2011).
This document does not necessarily express the official views of the European Commission, Syddjurs
Ungdomsskole or the organisations co-operating with them.

The video about our youth exchange project in Denmark 2011!

This animated video was adapted from a talk given at the “Royal Society of Arts” (RSA) by Sir Ken Robinson, expert for education and creativity